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This is my own creative space to encourage others to design a life they love with fulfillment. I'm a firm believer that you aren't just one thing, you're more than that. I am a doctor, yoga pants lover, wife, daughter, travel enthusiast and self-proclaimed foodie. Here's a little about me so you know the person behind the scenes...

I'm a medical professional by day...and a blogger by night.  I like to write about anything that comes to mind, but  mostly about the experiences my husband and I share through travel, and about my journey of learning about building a blog.

She Leans In comes from my own personal story of feeling the need for something more creative in my life rather than the monotonous and ultra-conservative ways that surround medicine. 

I felt frustrated, disengaged, and disillusioned. I was surrounded by older white men who would always complain about the millennial generation (you've heard those stories) - so much so, that I felt casted out of medicine more so than in it (almost like an outsider looking in) even though I've done the same training that the old boys did. I knew I was more than just a doctor, and I felt a piece of me didn't totally belong in medicine. I love medicine and having the skillset to care for people's lives and their health, but I also yearned for something more.

So, I decided to create an outlet for myself to chronicle the resources and stories I've experienced through travel while trying to find my own passion and way through life after medical school

I guess you would say I'm a product of the slash worker idea of sorts. I am a doctor/writer/traveler/foodie/wife.

I'm also a lover of self-help and personal development books - I love reading for growth, meditation, and finding happiness!

I could go on forever talking with anybody about the challenges of feeling "stuck," how to find your creative voice, traveling, and anything social media related!

Please read my disclaimer here!

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Carmen (C.M.)

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