Small Changes for Living Green

I recently visited a friend for Thanksgiving to visit her and her 'new' daughter (admittedly, her daughter is 6 months old, but she's new to me!). I had not seen her since she was in my wedding about 11 months ago (yes, she was pregnant AND was my bridesmaid), and since then, she told me about some of the changes she and her husband have made in their lifestyle for a more environmentally friendly way of living. They've turned vegetarian, use cloth diapers for their little one, and are even thinking about renting a goat to mow their lawn (does this really exist?!).

Her change in lifestyle inspired me to change some habits in my own lifestyle:


Seafood Watch

As a lover of all things sushi and seafood, I was so ecstatic to find out about this company! They are an organization that promotes eco-friendly farming and fishing to create a healthier ocean for today and the future. They also have an app which makes dining out easier - just ask the chef or waiter what type of fish they're serving, put in the app, and see if that particular species is at risk for over-fishing or if it was fished/farmed in a sustainable manner. They also have several chefs in their network that are pushing sustainable seafood in their areas. 


Rent A Goat

They actually do exist! They tout cost-effective, eco-friendly weed removal and lawn care - not mention super cute! Although it's a small business now, and only found in two states in the U.S., I feel this idea and company has potential to grow. With the movement towards sustainable living and reducing one's carbon footprint, I definitely see future in this small business!


Reusable Grocery Bags

An easy and simple solution to limit the waste from plastic bags is to use reusable grocery bags or totes. California, since implementing a plastic bag ban in 2016, has limited their waste from plastic bags by 72%! Sure, we could use a plastic bag here and there (picking up dog poop?), but there's only so much poop a dog can produce. Reusable plastic bags are cute and durable. Ever have a gallon of milk tear through a plastic bag as you're walking from your car to your apartment? And not mention, reusable grocery bags are so cute (check out these cute grocery bags that are also gift bags - especially with Christmas around the corner!), or these ultra-usable and compact ones here.


The list above are some of the ways I've changed my habits to have a more 'eco-friendly' and sustainable lifestyle for not only myself, but also for my future family. Even one small change in one's habits and have a great impact down the road! Hopefully this inspires others to become more thoughtful and mindful about the impact they're having on the world in which we live!



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