Living With a Purpose


I was recently celebrated the wedding of a close friend, and if you have ever been to a wedding, it can be chaotic and haphazard. The orderly chaos of a wedding can sometimes overshadow the true reflection of what a wedding means - a wedding’s purpose. It is with this thought that I decided to research more into the topic of living with a purpose, also sometimes called living intentionally. 


I had seen the words “Living Intentionally” or “Intentional Living” plastered on so many book titles and websites, I decided to really delve into what it means. Before one can live with intention, one first must define what that actually means. Essentially, it is to live with a purpose and to conduct tasks that lead to the completion or fulfillment of that purpose. Living with intention can pertain to many aspects of life, including your career and your daily passions. Living with intention reminds us of purpose instead of automatically going through the daily routines of our lives.



Define your vision and goals.

To live with a purpose, one must first define that purpose. What is it that you like to do and, more importantly, why do you like to do it? Does it offer you a sense of happiness or completion? If you have trouble figuring out what you want to accomplish or experience in life, take a 5 minutes out of your day to write down everything you’d like to do. Analyze that list and see if common themes arise. 


Create goals and revisit them periodically.

A purpose without a plan is a wish. Write a list of long and short term goals, or create a vision board. Visit this MONTHLY throughout the year to keep yourself and your life on track to living intentionally and purposefully.


Create a Routine.

Humans are creatures of habits and we thrive on routine. We wake up, eat, go to work, eat again, and sleep. I wake up in the morning a little early before I have to leave for work with a written schedule and a cup of latte. This keeps me on track with setting my intentions for the day and making sure the tasks I have planned to accomplish are in line with my overall purpose. 

5 minutes of your day is all you need to try living with intention. When you’re caught in the frenzy of the day, try asking yourself “What is the purpose of doing this?” to determine if you’re living with the ultimate vision of your life!