Best Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Who's obsessed with podcasts?  I doubt anyone can be as obsessed with them as me (cue nerd alert). I listen to them on my commute to and from work (it's a 30 minute commute), and even when I'm just cooking or doing mundane tasks like cleaning my apartment or folding laundry. Sometimes the problem is that I usually like to take notes, so I always have to re-listen to them or seriously put on some mental effort to remember the resources! I'm always looking for great podcasts - and I define 'great' as a podcast that I can actually use tips and real steps to make real change.

Podcasts are what keep me motivated to continue the grind, to build my blog, and to continue with my creative space.


Here's a list of my favorite podcasts for those interested in owning a business, starting a business, or just some motivation to get a business going!


She Did It Her Way

"Collective of Interviews with Top Female Entrepreneurs who Did It Their Way" - this is a great podcast that averages about 30-50 minutes with interviews of various female solopreneurs from all different creative spaces and their journey to how they did (and are doing) what they did (and are doing). It's become my staple on my drive to work early in the morning - the problem is, it makes me want to work on my blog and then I find myself completely unfocused at work! 

Women Taking the Lead hosted by Jodi Flynn

Listen to top female entrepreneurs for their shared experiences, shared resources, and collaboration. Guests speak about everything from finding happiness, being a leader, learning gratitude and so much more! I listen to these episodes when I want to feel more grounded in my work and to become more zen with my creativity.

Being Boss podcast

The Being Boss brand is a podcast for women who want to break free from their current 9 to 5 and to take the leap towards something bigger and better. Every podcast is packed with tips from guests who have been there and are in their middle to peak stages of their business building, sharing tips and tricks of what they've learned in the process. 

Amy Porterfield Podcast

A great podcast for actionable tips on marketing, list-building and building your brand. From everyday basics of social media marketing to things that I didn't even think about (upload content in batches, creating promotional calendars, etc), this podcast is jam packed with lots of actionable tasks that can take your blog to the next level. 


There's SO many more podcasts out there but these are the ones that I'm currently addicted to and are always playing on my list. I'm always open for more podcasts, so please please please let me know in the comments what podcasts are worth listening to!