Increase Your Productivity for 2018

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2018 is around the corner...

There always comes a time (usually around this time of year) where I reflect on the end of the year and how CRAZY it's been. From January 2017 till now, I've traveled on road trips that I've never thought I would, climbed mountains, climbed sand dunes, landed my dream fellowship position, MOVED back to the East coast, GOT MARRIED...and now started a blog! EEK! I'm so grateful for all the moves and shakes I've been able to make along the way, and I'm definitely looking forward to another year of growing this blog, growing within myself, and challenging myself to become a better me. I've finally decided to take a step back from medicine and really, truly, genuinely know what I value and what I don't value. While I'm STILL trying to figure it out, I've definitely come up with a strategy that will help me become more productive in 2018!


Sit down and do these 5 steps to really hone down your goals and enhance your productivity


Take about 1-2 hours to FREE WRITE and map out what a successful year looks like in 2018. 

This time next year, December 2018, when you look back on what you've accomplished, what defines a "successful year?" Is it more time with family? Is it growing your business? Is it growing your tribe of loyal followers? Is it finding more time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life, such as walking down the beach? Brainstorm and write down what you think makes your life successful - and don't worry about grammar, don't worry about what our society constructs as successful. Throw all that away and think internally, what does a successful 2018 year look like to you?

Then, take that writing prompt, and pick out 3 goals. 

Within those hours of writing, there should be some main themes that stick out (work, family, side gig). From those main themes, pick out several goals. If a successful 2018 looks like more time with family to you, pick that goal. Or if it means growing your blog, pick that too! Picking out 3 main goals can help solidify your 2018 success, and then from there, take about an hour to brainstorm what actionable steps you can take within those goals. I like to write these actionable steps on post-its so they can then be re-arranged later under my themes. For example, one of my goals for 2018 is to grow my blog. That's a theme that comes throughout my writing. To do that, I've decided what that looks like in regards to GOALS - growing an e-mail list, generate more original content, and working on one social media account. Then, I take those separate goals, and create ACTIONABLE STEPS - for example, generating original content would be posting 3 times a week. 

Take a look at what you wrote, see if there are pervasive themes within your writing, pick out 3 goals, and brainstorm about what actionable steps you can take within those goals.

Create a timeline for these actionable steps.

Now that there are several goals and several steps outlined, set a timeline. I like to use the timeline of 3 months. I think 1 month is too short, and 6 months is too long. HOWEVER, depending on your goal, you might want to extend that to a 6 month timeline. For example, going back to the goal of posting original content, I've set an actionable step of posting 3 times a week; and am now setting a timeline of 3 months. If I stick to that goal, I would have created 36 original articles. That's 36 more articles I would not have published otherwise. I like to rearrange these actionable steps in chronological order according to my timeline. For example, If I want to grow my original content in the first three months of 2018, I would put that on the top of the list under the theme 'grow my blog' from January to March. Then I would place another actionable step that I'd want to accomplish from April to June, and so forth. That way, I can visually see my timeline of goals (I'm very much a visual person), and if I don't like how the timeline looks, I can re-arrange it however I want. 


Try out the above and see what you think. Everyone has a different system - this one has worked for me for several years in any part of my life (medical school, fitness, etc). a goal without a plan is a wish. Taking the time to set your intentions will help you accomplish more than if you didn't plan things out and set goals for yourself. 

1 year will go by SO fast, but imagine all that you would have accomplished in the next 12 months!




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