Shalene Flanagan: How She Changed Feminism


I recently came across this article about female empowerment and elevating others to your level and even beyond. At age 36, Shalene Flanagan, for those who don’t know, won the New York City Marathon this year. What makes her achievement so celebrated is not only that she was the first female to win in 40 years (and she did so in a record time of 2 hours and 26 minutes), but her journey as well - how she promoted other female runners around her to create a tribe of professional running women qualifying for not only the World Championships but the Olympics as well. 

Read more on her story here. 

What strikes me to the core about her is that she had the confidence in her own abilities and talents to not tear others down who were performing well around her down, but to mentor them and train them to develop their talents while also elevating herself. She hustled, and she hustled hard and long. She created a tribe of other women and surrounded herself with success. She didn't do it alone, and she didn't want to - she persevered and celebrated the achievements of women around her, rather than knocking them down. 

In a competitive environment such as sport, it can be so easy to want to tear others around you down - but maybe the key is to bring others up around you, to create your own tribe of powerful awesomeness, and at the same time, you can make yourself better.

Maybe the key to success is to bring others up around you...elevate them and surround yourself with a tribe of mentors.

Power comes in numbers, and as it’s been stated time and time again, if we as women aren’t invited to the table, then we’ll just create one ourself. 

Let’s keep the Flanagan Effect going!