A Fun Christmas Activity with Kids

christmas imagination.png

One of the many great things

about being an Aunt is to partake in the enjoyment of kids' imaginations! They have such beautiful minds that are so young and untouched - and they're constantly learning about the world around them. My sister started a Christmas trend using Elf on the Shelf for both her little ones and it's been so fantastic to see their eyes light up and the questions they have around this mysterious Elf with magical powers. 

For those who don't know what Elf on the Shelf is, it's a fun way to explore the magic of Christmas and the holidays. Santa needs Scout Elves that come from the North Pole to hang with you for the holidays before Christmas. Each night he flies back to the North Pole and tells Santa of your children's adventures! Each morning, the Elf comes back and is up to mischievous and fun things at night; your children wake up in the morning and look for their Elf to see what he's been up to! Important to note, thought, is it cannot be touched otherwise it loses its magic and can't tell Santa what you want for Christmas!

This isn't a post about whether or not you agree with how over-the-top some moms go with The Elf on the Shelf...I'll leave that opinion to you! But it's really about just fostering your child's imagination and letting them grow their brain! In a world where it's SO EASY to lose that imagination with watching TV, Ipads, [insert any type of portable media here], it's nice to finally have something that can give children an avenue to continue with their imaginative brains. I love seeing my nephews and nieces run down the stairs to see what the Elf has been up to.

This time of year always makes me take a step back to enjoy the holidays and enjoy the love and magic that children bring to the holidays!

I just love Christmas and the excitement in the air that kids bring to the holiday season!