Beginner Books for Learning About Budgeting and Money

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Do you ever get the feeling of either a headache or eyes glazing over when someone tries to talk to you about numbers? That’s totally me, and if I could travel back in time, I would slap my younger self and tell her to pay attention.

Since college, I’ve read numerous books about budgeting and saving money. Even though I went to college, my undergraduate degrees were Biology and International Studies - two of which did not require me to take budgeting 101 (there really should be a college class requirement to take a class about personal finance). It would have been nice to have a foundation in finance and economics, but alas, as I navigate my way through my 20s and now 30s, I’ve just learned on the fly. Here are beginner book recommendations that I have read and found helpful for my own learning. They may be a little easier to digest for beginners and definitely will keep you from your eyes glazing over.

Money management and learning how to build wealth is a lifelong learning process


Ten Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy by Liz Weston

An easy book to digest the basics of building a budget, repaying debt, and basic finances. Also check out her blog at - great nuggets of information on there!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This book is not a step by step process for actionable change, but rather an overview of how the rich think about money versus how the poor think about money. He talks about differences between assets and liabilities, the strategies of what wealthy people do first versus what poor people do first (such as reinvesting in themselves), and defines the primary assets as real estate, business, and paper assets. Read this book to get a solid foundation on financial intelligence, and to change your perspective of how you view money and wealth building. It seriously is a must read.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley

Another basic personal finance book, it sets the foundation for you in regards to the basics of personal finance and money management. I first read this during college and it definitely helped lay the foundation for me with basic concepts as ‘spend less than you earn,’ but also actionable ways to really bring it home.

Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins

Everyone knows who Tony Robbins is (just FYI, I don’t really follow him on his motivational speaking or anything like that) - But what I liked about this book was the in-depth interviews he has with investors that dole out advice coming from the common man’s point of view. He interview Carl Icahn, Warren Buffet, and Ray Dalio - just to name a few. It’s a book more about investing, which is just as important as saving and budgeting! It’s definitely worth a read if you want to know more about investing and the financial jargon that comes with it - annuities, index funds, all weather portfolio...say what?!

I’m still learning - and I think money management and learning how to build wealth is a lifelong learning process to be honest. So many times, I’ve heard about people who make a high income with little wealth - and I’m sure as hell going to try my hardest to NOT be in that position.

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