How to Maximize Canva To Bring Your Blog To the Next Level

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I never went to school for graphic design or really anything design-oriented. I used to love art in high school and considered taking AP art (advanced placement art - essentially art for college credit in high school) at the encouragement of my art teacher, but the practical, left-side of my brain told me to stick with science, and hence I was well on my path to medical school during college. While the right side of my brain screamed for help and yearned to be creative, the left side of my brain dominated for several years (more than several years, more like 10+ years).

So, in comes blogging

 Google images. Cartoon stock.

Google images. Cartoon stock.

Don’t worry, there’s no tragic end to the right side of my brain! That’s why I started this blog!

Getting started with something new and completely different from what I was used to for 8+ years of my life was a strange feeling, and felt a little bit like a fish out of water - and it was more the design part that scared me. Color palettes? Avoid reds and bright colors? How do I make a Pinterest graphic without having to use Adobe CC every time?

Then, I discovered Canva and my life changed. It didn’t change dramatically but it definitely got better! I no longer had to think about what to do with Pinterest graphics, and just do what I do best - create content!

Here’s some easy ways to maximize Canva (which has free and paid options) to take your blog and business to the next level:

Make Viral Pinterest Graphics

The good thing about Canva is they have different templates for social media, with one template being the ideal Pinterest pin - which are tall pins, usually 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. They have different fonts, typography, and variations that you can play around with to design what suits you for your blog. You can save your graphic online in your account and download it in any imaging format to get it uploaded to your website.


Make Printables and FREE STUFF for your business.

There are lots of templates in Canva that are pre-made and downloadable so you can generate your own e-book cover, worksheets, or workbooklets for your business and opt-ins.

I wouldn’t recommend using Canva to write your whole e-book, but using the US Letter design template can help you create a beautiful cover page. You can use Canva to create anything from resumes, cover pages, title pages, budgets, charts, worksheets, etc.


Create business cards.

Every business needs a business card - and it’s a great way to get your name out there if you’re headed to a conference <backlink to blogger conferences post>

You can play around with free ‘elements’ in Canva - shapes, designs, and little pieces of details that really make a design pop. You can download your design and upload it to zazzle or vistaprint to get that business card in your hands in no time.

Canva really is a great tool to get started on your blog. I like that there's a free option, the paid option is affordable, and it's has an easy user interface that's intuitive to figure out. Since discovering it, I’ve created Pinterest graphics, Instagram graphics, Twitter posts, E-books covers, Printables, budget sheets, and worksheets for my day job.

Give it a try - it’s free! 




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