I’m not a creative, can I still be in the blogging space?

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The blogosphere seems to be inundated with tons of creatives - those in the industry of making things, design, art, marketing and advertising. Just Google “blogger,” and 9 times out of 10, you’ll find a blogger who was in the design world turned freelance, or who worked in corporate turned personal blogger.  Rarely, would you find a physician or scientist who turned blogger. My guess is, the industries of healthcare, medicine, and science don’t quite lend us to be creative, to unleash that part of our brain that allows us to be okay with the grey areas, to let go of the rigidity of science.

I gave myself excuses. I thought that spending years of training in medical school only meant that the only skills I had was related to healthcare and medicine

Some of these mindset blocks I had were:

  • I’m not a creative. I don’t design things. I don’t create things. I have no idea how to use Adobe photoshop - there’s no way I could be a blogger
  • I’m in healthcare and there are just not enough people in healthcare that “do” blogging
  • I have no idea how to create a website. I need to learn those skills first.

For several years, even with the inkling of creating a blog in the back of my mind, I repeated these excuses. I never found anyone in the space of blogging that was also a physician…that is, until I decided to just start blogging.

First, I changed my mindset and language. Instead of saying negative words like I’m NOT a creative, I changed my language and re-framed my mind to ask HOW I can be a creative with a science background. I also asked myself these questions:

  • Why did I think I couldn’t start a blog?
  • What makes my background different from anyone else’s who left the corporate world and were successful bloggers? 

And you know what I found out?

I didn’t have any good answers to these questions. But, once I realized that I was creating a block for myself by thinking that I couldn’t do these things because I was this and that, I re-committed, researched and Googled everything about blogging - and just started. I thought to myself “Sure, I may be a unicorn - the oddball out when it comes to joining the world of blogging as a physician, but I might as well start.” (that’s a metaphor, ya’ll!)

And I fell in love with blogging.

Unicorns are badasses - they have magical powers to make the world a better place! It’s not so bad to be a part of the few that can both be in medicine and in the creative world. I would even argue that there are some overlaps between being a ‘creative’ blogger and the rigidity of the left-brained world of healthcare:

Rationality is found in both blogging and corporate.

Often times we think of creatives as ‘free spirits’ that lack rational thinking and just follow their ‘gut.’  I’m here to say that no, most creatIves think rationally when it comes to running their business or deciding what blog to post about. They ask themselves questions like:

will this post create value for my readers?

Is this post in line with my own brand?

Asking these questions means you’re thinking consciously thinking about your brand, your readers, your overall voice - that’s called being rational!

We all want to make the world a better place.

Ask any blogger whose ‘made it’ in the blogosphere why they are doing what they’re doing, and somewhere in there will be the phrase ‘to help.’ Most creatives and bloggers out there aren’t in it solely to create a giant empire just for that sole purpose - they want to help others, to help their audience either create and own something for themselves, or to help them find a path that aligns with their core values.

Being in creative does not mean you don’t use left-brained skills.

Anyone whose in medicine can attest to this: we love organization and productivity. Checklists? Highlighters? Things I can mark of as “completed?” Count me in!

Blogging not only exercises the traditionally right-sided brain, but it also requires several skills from the left! One must be analytical in their intentions for what to blog about and methodical in their thinking of how to write, both of which are traditionally controlled by the left side of the brain and are important in the curation of a successful blog.

So, can you be a left-brained, “non-creative” person in engineering, pharmacy, physical therapy, medicine, researcher, etc. and still be a blogger? YES, OF COURSE YOU CAN!

There are no rules with blogging - anyone can be a blogger. The positive aspect of blogging is that it’s fluid, it’s dynamic and as a result you can always change your direction of where you want to take it!  Find your voice, find your topic and what value you wish to create for others and start it. Once you figure out the basics, you’re well on your way to being a  successful blogger.




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