Take Control of Your New Year's Resolutions


It’s that time of year - New Year’s - where most people, if you’re like me, make resolutions December 31 in preparation for 2018. It’s a new you! Goodbye old habits, hello NEW habits! I’m finally going to fit into those size 2 jeans I bought 10 months ago! The new year rolls around, Jan 2018 and Feb 2018 are going well, and then you lose steam. By the time Spring comes, that gym membership hasn’t seen you in several months, new habits never formed, and old habits continue. 

How do we get out of this “New Year’s slump” and keep the motivation that we had in December rolling throughout the new year?

Here’s several tips and what I’ve tried to do in the past to make it through the year with goals reached!

Set your Goals.

How do you set your goals? I usually set aside 1-2 hours of my time in the beginning of the week or month and free write everything that I would like to accomplish in 6 months. Then I look at what I've written, pick a few goals that would be my GAME CHANGER (the goals that, if they were to be achieved, would help me the most in the next 6 months), and then from there, write several ACTIONABLE STEPS to achieving each goal. Breaking down a goal into steps can make it more achievable and reduce the overwhelm that often occurs when you look at several goals at one time. 

You have to Commit. 

I read something, somewhere - perhaps on the many blogs I read about career and development - that most people are successful at a goal because they don’t just say they’re doing something, they commit. Committing to something is different than wanting to do something. Committing requires a full, in your body, soul-searching alignment with your life. You have to want it, and be intentional with it. 


Check in monthly. 

Ever have a new year’s resolution and then come March, you have no idea what happened? A major reason for that is really because no one checks in with their goals on a routine basis. It becomes written down in the beginning of the year, stashed in a drawer, and then LIFE happens - the next thing you know, it’s half-way through the year and you have done ZERO things to reach your goal. I’m a firm believer people should check in monthly with their goals. It’s important in order to be truly intentional. Pick a day, put it on your calendar, and re-visit your goal every month. What didn’t work and why? Think about the WHY in terms of what didn’t work. Was it because you didn’t pencil in time each week to do it? The most successful people are those that pencil in time to do the work, and those that commit to a goal are far more likely to reach it!

With a strong commit, being intentional, and checking in monthly (sometimes I even think checking in weekly) will help keep you in check to achieving your goals. Remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint!