Top Tips from Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

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How many times have you read or heard on a podcast about the habits of successful entrepreneurs? I've read and interviewed tons of entrepreneurs, bloggers, work-from-homers...and I've noticed several themes that pop up again and again. Read on for these themes and get motivated! 

Do it for the passion.

We hear the word ‘passion’ over and over again - and what it really means is finding what drives you to continue to work at 2 am, what you’re doing when you lose track of time,  what gets you up from bed in the early mornings, or that thing you’re constantly thinking about at work - that’s your driver, your passion. Successful bloggers and content creators don’t do it because of the money - they do what they love, and the authenticity and passion for it shows, and then the money follows.

Find something that you feel that wakes you up, gets you excited to wake up in the morning and work on - working on something that you love and are excited about shows through 1,000x more in your work than working on something that you just don't care about. 

Just start.

No one got to where they are by just day dreaming and perpetually planning (making multiple mind maps anyone?! - totally me). You can listen to as many podcasts as you want, read as many self-help and personal development books as your brain can allow - but NONE of what you learned will be of any use if you don’t just start. Try out Mel Robbin's 5 second rule - to get your body going and to start acting on your idea before your brain and your doubt overcomes you!

They get focused.

They sit down, let ideas manifest into themselves, they do the work, and they let in the focused energy complete their work. Somewhere I read it take about 25 minutes to start the initial flow of productivity. That means, stop opening that tab or checking your social media accounts when you’re trying to focus on a task - by doing those things, you’re just interrupting your ability to get into that mindset of flow, and hence hindering your ability to be productive!

They Read.

READ LOTS! Consuming as much information as you can can not only help you become more productive, but give you ideas for writing and expands your knowledge base. You’ll learn new ideas, new information, and who knows when that information will be handy during a networking event. I was recently asked what my most recent book I was reading (How to win friends and influence people), and that started a whole new conversation about influence and leadership, and that in turn lead to a great contact for me - so YOU JUST NEVER KNOW what may come. READ - or listen to Audible! Check out Top Leadership Books Every Woman Should Read for awesome books written by awesome women!

They stay curious.

Successful entrepreneurs always ask “What if…” They aren't afraid to be curious, and they're always trying out new things and learning new things - even things outside of their niche or expertise. Successful entrepreneurs know that creativity and GREAT things come from staying curious.

They let go of perfection.

Are you that person that has to have EVERYTHING PERFECT on their blog before pushing that "publish" button? Forget how those fonts look or if your color scheme matches - just click publish and make that website live. The best thing about starting out is that no one expects you to be perfect - there's authenticity in non-perfectly curated things. It's HUMAN to not be perfect (hence the often quoted phrase, "to err is human.") Channel that inner Else and just let it go - let that perfectionism go...successful entrepreneurs know it's okay not to be perfect.

They are adaptable.

Successful entrepreneurs are always open to change, versatile in their skillset. The Rock started off in wrestling, now he’s in acting, and first and foremost he’s an entertainer - from entertaining on the stage of wrestling to entertaining on the stage of film. 

Share their skills.

Those who are successful like to share how they became successful. They love elevating other people and helping others out. It’s their way of social entrepreneurship. It’s because they share, instead of hoarding all their little secrets to success, that creates an authenticity and transparency that makes others want to engage with them. 

Not afraid of “The Ask.”

Every entrepreneur has been in a situation where they have to ask. Ask for money, ask for an interview, ask for sponsorship. Those who are successful have asked so many times - they’re not afraid of rejection, they’re not afraid to ask, because they know the worst case scenario is they will say no. And what are you left with then? Right back in the same position if you didn’t ask in the first place. But 9 out of 10 times, people will say yes, because they WANT to share, and everyone likes to talk about themselves. 

They keep going.

Those buzzwords of grit and resilience are buzzwords for a reason. We would not know Ed Sheeran today if he didn’t have the grit to continue playing on the streets of London for FOUR YEARS before Jamie Foxx ‘discovered’ him. So keep going - work through all the things in your head that tell you to give up, this is hard. Yes, it’s going to be hard, it’s going to feel terrible starting from scratch in this busy world of the Internet of things - but push forward, sow those seeds, and you’ll reap the benefits. Hindsight is 20/20 - and most people who are successful now put A LOT of blood, sweat, and tears into their business for YEARS before anything came to fruition. 


if you're hitting that wall and wondering to yourself "am i doing the right thing?," look back at this post and realize that everyone goes through those thoughts. channel your inner #bossbabe and forget those negative thoughts! It really takes time and patience to build a blog and build a business - rome wasn't built in a day and the idea of owning your own business is truly an achievable goal!





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